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New imaging technology increases security at MKE

August 20, 2010

image001Passengers traveling through Mitchell Airport will notice something different about the security process as they head toward their flight. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has installed new advanced imaging technology to safely screen passengers for metallic and nonmetallic objects concealed under layers of clothing. The new imaging technology, commonly referred to as full body scanning, will eliminate the need for TSA agents to make physical contact with passengers during the search process. Security protocol will remain the same as passengers walk into the imaging portal. Once inside, passengers will stand in a position and remain still for a few seconds while the technology creates an image of the passenger in real time. Advanced imaging technology is just one of TSA’s many layers of security, all of them working to protect our nation’s transportation system and keep passengers secure while traveling.

See how it works here.

Walker Announces Highest-Ever Single-Month Passenger Count At General Mitchell International Airport

August 4, 2010

June First Month To Exceed 900,000 Passengers
New Stats Show Mitchell’s Average Airfare Almost $100 Less than O’Hare’s
Mitchell’s 1st Quarter Growth was 3rd Highest in the World

MILWAUKEE (August 4, 2010) - Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker announced today that an all-time one-month high number of passengers traveled through General Mitchell International Airport in June 2010. It was the first month in which the airport served more than 900,000 passengers, with a count of 922,984, an increase of 212,197 (+29.86 percent) over last June’s 710,767 passengers. The June total marks ten straight months of record passenger growth, and beats the previous one-month high of 896,598 passengers in March 2010.

In the first half of 2010, the airport served 1,225,221 more passengers, a 34.41 percent increase from the 3,560,224 passengers traveling through Mitchell over the same period in 2009.

“Mitchell’s airlines are adding cities and service at a remarkable pace. And the price is right,” Walker said. “The region’s business and leisure travelers are taking advantage of fantastic travel bargains. I often hear from corporations and VISIT Milwaukee how important it is to have a robust level of reasonably-priced air service, and I am pleased that our airport has ‘taken off’.”

Airport Director Barry Bateman said, “Mitchell’s average airfare has dropped to $98 less than O’Hare’s, the biggest quarter-over-quarter drop in the nation at -16.6 percent, and that is certainly creating a strong draw from the hundreds of thousands of travelers who live in the 70 mile area between the two airports. Nationwide growth in passengers was 1.4 percent in June, compared to almost 30 percent at Mitchell. To put the airport’s strong growth into a more global perspective, Airports Council International reports that during the 1st Quarter 2010, growth at Mitchell was exceeded worldwide only by airports in Istanbul, Turkey and Phuket, Thailand, and that Mitchell was the only U.S. airport among the top 30 fastest growing airports worldwide.”

Newly released U.S. Department of Transportation data for 1st Quarter 2010 show that the average airfare out of Milwaukee dropped lower than the average at 93 other U.S. airports. Mitchell’s average fare was $98 less than O’Hare’s, $78 less than the nation’s average and $17 less than Midway Airport’s.

Market Data: With 55 markets, Mitchell International has moved up to 28th among U.S. airports in number of markets served nonstop, according to data recently published by the Brookings Institute. Mitchell’s rank in a similar 2004 study was 34th. The new ranking means that more nonstop markets are served out of Milwaukee than out of other Midwestern cities, such as Kansas City; Nashville; Pittsburgh; Indianapolis and Columbus, and out of medium-sized cities elsewhere in the U.S., including Portland, OR; Austin; New Orleans; San Diego; Raleigh/Durham; Albuquerque; San Antonio and Hartford, CT.