Travel Tips to Get You on Your Merry Way

December 21, 2009

With more than 250,000 passengers expected to travel through MKE between Christmas and New Year’s, pack these easy tips to make holiday travel a cinch!

  • Avoid Bag Humbug: Remember to review the TSA’s 3-1-1 program for details on what can be packed in a carry-on to avoid having to toss anything valuable. (
  • No Surprises: When traveling with gifts, stay on security’s nice list by leaving gifts unwrapped so they can be properly screened. This includes carry-on bags and checked baggage.
  • Take Your Time, Warm Your Heart: Arrive 1½ – 2 hours early to allow time for check-in and clearing security, and for grabbing a gingerbread latte, of course.
  • Park and Slide into Savings: Airport’s SuperSaver lot costs just $5 a day and you can take the free sleigh…errr, shuttle to the terminal.
  • Precious Cargo: When traveling with children, remember these extra tips…
  • Have a silent flight by keeping kids busy with dry snacks, coloring and activity books, portable video game systems and portable DVD players.
  • Take advantage of the children’s indoor play areas and family restrooms conveniently located on all three concourses. No snow boots required.
  • Make the security process a bit more jolly by remembering that strollers must go through the security screener, so collapse and prepare them in advance.