Naughty or nice, treat yourself at MKE

December 11, 2009

present085053If air travel is on your agenda this holiday season, you might find yourself at MKE with a few minutes to spare. In honor of all things festive, we bring you a list of the Top 5 jolliest things to do at MKE this Holiday Season – besides take-off!

1.  Finish last minute shopping without having to fight for parking. Surf MKE’s free Wi-Fi through January 15.

2.  Search for a vintage copy of A Christmas Carol in the Renassiannce Bookstore.

3.  The holidays are a time to relax. Recombobulate in MKE’s much-talked-about “Recombobulation Area” on the other side of security.

4.  Find out how people traveled home for the holidays ages ago when you tour the Mitchell Gallery of Flight Museum inside the main terminal.

5.  Indulge in a sweet holiday treat or savor a peppermint mocha coffee at Alterra Coffee. There are three, found on concourses C, D and in the main terminal near the entrance to Concourse E.