Airport Noise Barrier Study

As recommended in the approved FAR Part 150 Noise Study Update, GMIA is undertaking a study to address aircraft noise from ground operations, including operations on the taxiways, runways, ramp/apron areas, terminal area, and the ground run-up enclosure.  The study will recommend the construction of potential noise barriers to achieve further reductions in noise from aircraft ground operations.  The work is funded through Federal and State grants and Passenger Facility Charges.

Noise barriers will be evaluated in locations to the north/northwest of the airport:

  1. At the property line behind houses on East Armour Avenue across Layton Avenue
  2. On the Signature Ramp, to break the line of sight between the neighborhood located on the north side of Layton Avenue and the airport
  3. At the Skyway Airlines hangar ramp connecting to the hanger

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