June/July 2006

TRAVELSMART TIPS: Five Travel Gadgets that Put the Fun in Function

Gearing up with the right travel accessories can mean the difference between "mechanical difficulties" and "smooth sailing" on your trip. Check out these cool gadgets:

Noise-canceling headphones

Tune out the surrounding sounds and relax to your favorite music or DVD with noise-canceling headphones. Available in a variety of styles and price ranges, starting around $30.

Air purification travel pillow

Relax in comfort with an air purifying pillow, such as the Pure-Ion®. It looks and functions like a regular neck pillow, but features a tiny built-in air purifier. Retails for about $75.

WiFi signal locator

Zero in on wireless hotspots with a portable WiFi finder. Products like the Mobile Edge® WiFi locator are small enough to fit on your key chain, allowing you to scout for a signal before booting up your laptop! It's affordably priced at less than $30.

Night-light pen

For those late-night flights, take along the Night Writer® pen, featuring a LED light that lets you pen proposals or crosswords at night without pestering fellow passengers. Snatch this up for about $20.

Portable document scanner

Next time you're reading something fascinating on the plane, grab a portable scanner like the Planon DocuPen® to store up to 100 pages of text and graphics into its memory for later use. This handy tool retails for $100-150.