June/July 2006

Mitchell Temporarily Closes Surface Parking and Cellular Phone Waiting Lots

Starting June 23, the Surface Parking and Cellular Phone Waiting Lots will be closed due to a major resurfacing project. Until the scheduled reopening on Sept. 1, 2006, drivers will be directed to alternative parking.

Cell phone lot users, who wait for calls from arriving passengers, also have an alternative: the Hourly (short-term) section of the parking garage. Hourly parking is a good option for visits of five hours or less.

The first thirty minutes of parking in the Hourly section is free. For the second 30 minutes, it is $2, then $2 per hour thereafter up to a maximum fee of $20 per day. For visits over five hours, the Daily (long-term) section of the parking garage offers covered parking at $2 per hour, to a maximum rate of $10 per day.

The airport also offers Remote Lot parking at $7 a day, with a free shuttle bus to the terminal.

Cars parked in the Surface Lot after July 10 will be towed.