June/July 2006

Today Show Travel Editor Visits Milwaukee, Shares Tips from "The Travel Detective"

On a recent visit to Milwaukee, Today Show Travel Editor Peter Greenberg offered loads of travel tips from his series of books called "The Travel Detective." When asked what he thought of Mitchell Airport, the University of Wisconsin - Madison alumnus and self-proclaimed Cheesehead, exclaimed, "Milwaukee's great! It really is Chicago's third airport." The author, who logs more than 400,000 airline travel miles each year, is a particular fan of Mitchell's renowned Renaissance Books in the main terminal. Here are some highlights from his talk:

On security:
If you have a common name and have been identified for extra security screening each time you travel, contact the TSA Ombudsman office to begin the Federal Watch List Clearance Process. To contact TSA, call 1-866-289-9673 or e-mail the Contact Center at TSA-ContactCenter@dhs.gov.

On healthy eating and traveling:
To figure out how much water to drink to stay properly hydrated when traveling, divide your weight by two, that's how many ounces of water you should drink in a day. Greenberg's latest book, "The Traveler's Diet. Eating Right and Staying Fit on the Road," helped the author lose 47 pounds in the last year.

On hotels:
Upon check in, Greenberg says to ask the front desk the following questions:

  1. How close is my room to the construction? (There's always construction, so this will help you stay clear of the jackhammers.)

  2. What floors are the booster pumps on? (They may have to call engineering, but take one of these floors because that's where the strongest water pressure is.)

  3. What do you have below the 8th floor? (Greenberg, a volunteer firefighter, says fire trucks can't reach above the 8th floor. "You'll have a great view from the 23rd floor of the fire trucks that can't get to you.")