June/July 2006

New Study Highlights Mitchell's Positive Economic Impact on Region

A recently completed study of the economic impact of Mitchell Airport paints a powerful picture of positive influence on Milwaukee County and the region. The study, completed by Breitenbach Weiss Public Relations and Martin Associates, compared current data with a similar study completed in 1996.

"The impact of General Mitchell International Airport on Milwaukee County and our region cannot be overrated," said County Executive Scott Walker. "I continue to support improvements at the airport because I know it helps fuel economic and job growth."

The data shows that the airport's impact is significant and is growing at an impressive rate. From 1996 to 2005, passenger activity at the airport has increased from 5.5 million to 7.3 million; 3,549 direct and indirect jobs have been created; business revenue grew by $96 million and the visitors industry grew by $315 million. In addition, 8,337 jobs were created in the visitors industry. The study shows that this growth in jobs and economic activity is clearly related to the impact of a strong, vibrant airport.

Some of the recent improvements at the airport include: the renovation of the concession area, the renovation of Concourse C, the ongoing renovations of Concourses D and E, and the recent opening of the cell phone waiting lot.