May, 2003

Mitchell International Adds Digital Flight Guides

What’s your flight guide fancy? Whether your clients are Palm pilots or paper lovers, General Mitchell International Airport has a Flight Guide for them! From printable PDFs to Palm-friendly schedules, Mitchell’s multiple Flight Guide formats make travel research from home, the office or road easy and accessible.

Just go to, click on the Flight Guide link, then select the desired format:
  • An Online Flight Guide lists the current nonstop and one-stop connecting flights between Milwaukee and 300 cities. Each listing links to the airline Web site so travelers can price flights and make reservations.
  • A Printable Flight Guide can be downloaded, printed and carried along on a trip. The PDF document also can be saved in a computer file to view at a later time.
  • The Desktop Flight Guide can be downloaded and stored on a PC or laptop and used when Internet access is not available. The Desktop Flight Guide allows the traveler to customize flight itineraries.
  • The Palm OS Flight Guide delivers Mitchell Airport airline schedules to a Palm Pilot. Travelers can research flights by specific dates and plan customized flight itineraries.
  • The Pocket PC Flight Guide features several versions that are tailored to different Pocket PC processor types:
    • - ARM and X-Scale processor flight guide
    • - MIPS processor flight guide
    • - SH3 processor flight guide

The General Mitchell International Airport Flight Guides are updated monthly.

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