May/June 2004

The Best New Bag Bolts: TSA Locks

TSA locks are adorning suitcases across America, and for good reason. These special locks are recognized by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and can be opened and relocked by TSA screeners without damage. To date, more than 1.5 million locks have been sold.

The list below identifies some locks, or manufacturers, that are accepted and recognized by TSA: 

Easy Check by Brookstone
SearchAlert by Prestolock
Travel Sentry Combination and Key Locks by Lewis N Clark
Travel Safe by Eagle Creek
Travel Sentry Luggage Locks by Sharper Image
Master Lock
Travel Essentials - Big Wheel by Austin House
Travel Essentials - Mini Lock by Austin House
Travel Smart by Franzus
Embark by Target
Voltage Valet
Travel Sentry Locking Travel Strap
Travel Sentry Indicator Combination Lock
Royal Traveler by Samsonite
American Tourister

Always check the packaging to ensure a lock has language similar to "accepted and recognized" by TSA if you plan on using it for air travel. For up-to-date information on TSA locks, go to

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