September 2003

All's Fare in Affordable Travel
Mitchell Airfares Fly Below O'Hare's in 10 out of 11 Major Markets

General Mitchell International Airport is proud to announce that in sample airfare comparisons with Chicago's O'Hare Airport, Mitchell comes out on top! Mitchell consistently turns out lower airfares to many top destinations, as shown by the sample flight prices listed below.

To Atlanta

GMIA 7:50 a.m. $182.50  AirTran
O'Hare 7:30 a.m. $236.02  Delta

To Los Angeles

GMIA 8:45 a.m. $446.50  Midwest Airlines
O'Hare 8:24 a.m. $523.00  American
To Orlando
GMIA 7:20 a.m. $195.00  Northwest
O'Hare 7:30 a.m. $706.50  United
To New York City
GMIA 6:30 a.m.  $305.00  Northwest
O'Hare 7:00 a.m. $538.50  American
To Boston
GMIA 7:35 a.m. $215.00  Northwest
O'Hare 7:05 a.m. $420.50  American
To Washington D.C.
GMIA 7:00 a.m. $146.50  Northwest
O'Hare 7:03 a.m. $416.00  American
To Dallas
GMIA 7:25 a.m. $566.50  Midwest Airlines
O'Hare 8:05 a.m. $532.00  United
To Las Vegas
GMIA 8:30 a.m. $285.00  Northwest
O'Hare 8:27 a.m. $487.50  American
To Phoenix
GMIA 7:36 a.m. $306.50  America West
O'Hare 7:40 a.m. $366.00  America West
To Minneapolis
GMIA 6:45 a.m. $206.50  Northwest
O'Hare 6:45 a.m. $541.00  United
To Denver
GMIA 7:25 a.m. $236.52  Midwest Airlines
O'Hare 7:00 a.m. $468.00  United

Fares were found on September 3, and are representative of ticket prices for one adult, roundtrip, nonstop flights departing on Tuesday and returning the next day, a typical business travel schedule.

It's safe to say that travelers can't afford not to give Mitchell Airport a try!

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