Flight information below is provided by the airlines and is subject to change.


For detailed information on your individual flight, please visit your airline's Web site or call its customer service line available here.

TRAFFIC ALERT:  Picking up passengers? The Baggage Claim roadway is closed to all vehicles except shuttles and buses.  Arriving passengers should encourage drivers to meet them in Hourly Parking or the Main Terminal.  The first hour of parking is FREE!

Drivers who still choose to pick up passengers on the shared Ticketing/Baggage Claim roadway should expect delays.  Passengers may use the exits behind the Baggage Claim escalators to access the passenger pickup areas along the shared Ticketing/Baggage Claim roadway.

There are no changes for passengers accessing shuttles or buses.

International Arrivals

All international arrivals (except Toronto flights) arrive at the International Arrivals Terminal.
Click here for International Arrivals information and directions.

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City Airline Flight Scheduled Status Gate

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