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Safety Management System

Safety Management System

Hazard Reporting at MKE

At Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport (MKE), we commit to our employees, passengers, and stakeholders to provide a safe working and operating environment. The Airport has developed and will maintain a Safety Management System (SMS) and will devote the time, staff, and resources to meet the highest safety standards. An integral part of the SMS is our reliance on you to participate in and improve safety practices at every level.

It is the responsibility of all staff, tenants, and contractors to report hazardous conditions, accidents, incidents, or unsafe actions. If hazards are not reported, they cannot be corrected. Remember, no matter what role you have at the Airport, you play an integral part in maintaining MKE’s Safety Management System.

This SMS Portal allows all staff, tenants, and contractors to report safety hazard to the Airport Program Safety Manager. Reported hazards will be managed and mitigated per the SMS objectives. You will have the option of reporting anonymously or providing contact information for feedback.

If you are having issues accessing the Hazard Reporting Form please use the following email address to report your hazard or concern.  [email protected]

To report a hazard please select the link below to access the confidential Hazard Reporting Form

Hazard Reporting Form Button


Additional SMS Information

For additional SMS information or to contact us with questions or comments; please send an email to [email protected]

For additional Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) SMS information, visit:

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