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International Arrivals

All international arrivals (except Toronto flights) arrive at the International Arrivals Terminal. See International Arrivals information and directions.

City Airline Flight # Scheduled Status Gate
Chicago O Hare United 4863 10:36 PM On Time C9
Philadelphia American 4858 11:00 PM On Time D52

August 19,2019

City Airline Flight # Scheduled Status Gate
Minneapolis Delta 1819 8:27 AM On Time D44
Charlotte American 5420 8:32 AM On Time D52
Chicago O Hare United 5673 8:43 AM On Time C9
Detroit Delta 1108 8:51 AM On Time D48
Toronto Air Canada 7327 9:13 AM On Time C10
Atlanta Delta 764 9:21 AM On Time D44
Boston Delta 4086 9:22 AM On Time D47
Philadelphia American 4883 9:27 AM On Time D54
Dallas-Ft. Worth American 2762 9:32 AM On Time D55
Newark United 4962 10:05 AM On Time C15
Minneapolis Delta 1639 10:13 AM On Time D48
New York-LGA Delta 3472 10:25 AM On Time D46
Atlanta Delta 2846 10:34 AM On Time D44
Chicago O Hare American 3113 11:04 AM On Time D52
Chicago O Hare United 3888 11:32 AM On Time C9
Atlanta Delta 1215 12:16 PM On Time D46
Detroit Delta 3972 12:22 PM On Time D47
Flight data last updated 2019-08-19 00:34:21.

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