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Wi-Fi Services

Unlimited Free Wi-Fi at MKE

Passengers at MKE can stay connected on the road with unlimited free Wi-Fi throughout the airport!

Accessing our free Wi-Fi is easy. Simply set your SSID to "Boingo Hotspot" and launch your Internet Browser. The welcome page will allow you to enjoy our complimentary access, log-in using an existing Boingo account, or purchase even faster internet access.

  • Unlimited Complimentary - View sponsor ad to access
  • $4.95 - Boingo 1 Hour - One hour of access at MKE
  • $7.95 - Boingo AsYouGo  - 24 hours of access at MKE
  • $9.95 - Boingo Unlimited - Monthly, unlimited use at thousands of Boingo's hotspots throughout the Americas

    If you have any questions or experience technical problems using the Wi-Fi service, please contact Boingo at 1-866-3-BOINGO or
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