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For detailed information on your individual flight, please visit your airline's website or call its customer service line.

Mitchell International Airport and the TSA suggest that passengers traveling during peak travel periods arrive at the airport no later than 2 hours before their scheduled departure.

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City Airline Flight # Scheduled Status Gate
Ft. Myers Spirit Airlines 1293 1:30 PM Departed D41
Dallas-Ft. Worth American 2255 2:35 PM On Time D56
Detroit Delta 2117 2:51 PM Delayed D46
Chicago O Hare United 3159 3:00 PM On Time
Minneapolis Delta 1207 3:10 PM Departed D45
Chi-Union Sta Amtrak Train 338 3:10 PM On Time VAN
Las Vegas Spirit Airlines 414 3:12 PM Departed D43
Las Vegas Southwest 1221 3:15 PM Departed C21
New York-LGA Delta 5358 3:20 PM Departed D47
Denver United 4802 3:45 PM On Time C11
Philadelphia American 6176 3:54 PM On Time D52
Indianapolis Contour Airlines 3602 4:05 PM On Time D30
Tampa Spirit Airlines 1295 4:16 PM On Time D43
Milwaukee Amtrak Train 337 4:29 PM On Time VAN
Phoenix Southwest 5520 4:40 PM On Time C22
Baltimore Southwest 682 4:55 PM On Time C23
Atlanta Southwest 4918 5:05 PM On Time C21
Chicago O Hare United 5581 5:08 PM On Time C9
Newark United 3618 5:15 PM On Time C11
Detroit Delta 4858 5:19 PM On Time D48
Boston Delta 5360 5:35 PM Delayed D47
Atlanta Delta 2455 5:52 PM On Time D44
New York-LGA Delta 4666 5:55 PM On Time D45
Chi-Union Sta Amtrak Train 340 5:55 PM On Time VAN
Minneapolis Delta 2625 6:00 PM On Time D46
Charlotte American 5697 6:03 PM On Time D54
Nashville Southwest 851 6:05 PM On Time C22
Chicago O Hare American 3066 6:19 PM On Time D52
Milwaukee Amtrak Train 339 6:28 PM On Time VAN
Seattle Alaska 367 6:30 PM On Time D51
Dallas-Ft. Worth American 869 6:32 PM On Time D55
St. Louis Southwest 3112 6:45 PM On Time C23
Chicago O Hare United 3160 7:00 PM On Time
Detroit Delta 2971 7:15 PM Delayed D44
Orlando Frontier 1127 7:43 PM On Time D36
Chi-Union Sta Amtrak Train 342 7:45 PM On Time VAN
Milwaukee Amtrak Train 341 9:19 PM On Time VAN
Flight data last updated 2021-12-03 15:30:23.
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