Noise Compatibility Study

Milwaukee County's General Mitchell International Airport completed its most recent Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Part 150 Study in 2009. The goal of the study is to reduce the number of people exposed to significant aircraft noise levels, within acceptable safety, economic and environmental parameters.

A FAR Part 150 study assesses the noise environment, prepares forecasts of aviation operations, identifies land uses within the airport environment and explores ways to mitigate land use compatibility conflicts.

The following Part 150 recommendations were approved by the FAA and Milwaukee County:

  • Operational Recommendation – Develop ground-based noise reduction methods, including noise barriers, Voluntary Airport Low Emissions Program (VALE) and an alternative, low-tech run-up enclosure for the northeast hangar area

Land Use Management Recommendations

  • Residential sound insulation
  • Voluntary acquisition of non-compatible land or undeveloped, non-compatible land
  • Voluntary acquisition of Avigation & Noise Easements from eligible homeowners who do not wish to have their homes sound insulated
  • Voluntary sales assistance to eligible homeowners wishing to sell their homes

Program Management/Administrative Recommendations

  • Install an upgraded Aircraft Flight Track/Noise Monitoring System with Multilateration to improve the ability to monitor flights, respond to public inquiries and identify specific citizen concerns.
  • Install remote cameras to monitor ground activity, engine run-ups and use of auxiliary power units.
  • Review and update the Part 150 Study as needed.

For more detailed information on the study and the recommendations approved by the FAA, please see the Part 150 Executive Summary here.

The complete study is available here.

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